Different from other recording artists, Pastor Ken sings many styles - from mild classical to Southern Gospel, but all with a flavor of down-home country.  Every song in these albums become painted words drifting in the wind to convey the wonderful spiritual message of an awesome God.

Listen to a few of the great songs sung by Pastor Ken

Songs Included on this CD:
After Calvary
Nail Scarred Hands
One Pair of Hands
So Remind Me
How Great Thou Art Medley
No One Told Me
He Restoreth My Soul
Learning to Lean
Last Night I Dreamed
Because He Lives
Like A Shepherd
My Tribute

This recording contains several of my favorite Gospel songs that I have enjoyed since I committed my life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1969.  These songs have enhanced the feeling, the meaning and the power of God's Word over the years, especially the song "He Restoreth My Soul", the favorite of my wife and helpmate, Marilyn, who encouraged me constantly with her love for the production of this album.  It is my prayer for everyone who spends some quiet time listening to the Gospel songs in this album that contain words of peace, assurance, strength, and hope will be inspired into a closer personal, consistent relationship with our Great Creator thru His Son, Jesus Christ.

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Songs Included on this CD:
Until Then - with Erika
I Thirst - with Erika
Last Night I Dreamed of Heaven
Someone to Care - with Heidi
Wasted Years - Narration by Marilyn
If You Run Away from Jesus
Little Lilly - with Erika, Hope, and Grace
Lord, Build Me a Cabin - with Erika
Over the Sunset Mountains - with Heidi
Where We'll Never Grow Old - with Erika
Beyond the Sunset
No One Told Me

Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Little did we know when we met at a baseball diamond in Kenosha County, Wisconsin as teenagers that God would draw us together to become husband and wife in 1955.  It wasn't until 1969 that we actually met and received God's son, Jesus Christ, as our blessed Redeemer.  Our hearts and lives have not been the same since that day of awakening.

If you would like a CD, please send your request along with $10 for postage to: Pastor Ken Thoreson, 1292 East Side Rd, Washington Island, WI  54246.


Songs Included on this CD:

The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference - with Erika and Heidi
It Is No Secret - with Erika
Take Away Jesus - with Erika
Serenaded by Angels
Making Melody - with Erika, Hope, and Grace
It's Time to Pray
God Put a Yodel in my Heart
My Tribute - with Erika
Daddy, I'm Going to See Jesus
Across the Bridge - with Erika
Just Three Nails - with Erika
Sinner, Saved by Grace - with Erika, Heidi, and Tanya


If you would like a CD, please send your request along with $10 for postage to: Pastor Ken Thoreson, 1292 East Side Rd, Washington Island, WI  54246.


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